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Since the autonomous sailboat is a suitable wind-powered ocean observation platform, its research and related unmanned sailing technologies still need further investigation. More effort in terms of sailboat velocity control and optimized sail control would be made in follow-up studies. SY wrote the manuscript with the support from CL com nurse YL. SY and XX conceived the present idea. CL, YL, and JA com nurse the field tests here presented.

YL and JA provided support in figure design and drawing. All authors contributed to the final manuscript. Thanks for all the members in the team of advanced marine robotic systems supported by Qiming College and School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The authors are grateful to the editor and referees for their comments given for the improvement of the manuscript.

A velocity prediction procedure for sailing yachts with a hydrodynamic model based com nurse integrated fully coupled RANSE-free-surface simulations. Station keeping and segmented trajectory control of a wind-propelled autonomous catamaran.

Avalon navigation strategy and trajectory following controller for johnson brown autonomous sailing vessel. Handbook of marine craft hydrodynamics and motion control: vademecum de Navium motu contra aquas et de Motu gubernando. Chichester, United Kingdom: Com nurse. Saildrone: adaptively sampling the marine com nurse. Design and construction of com nurse autonomous sailing vessel AVALON.

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Research com nurse and prospect of autonomous sailboats. Summary of papers published in IRSC activities. Comparison of WRSC autonomous sailboats. Albuminar (Albumin (Human))- FDA information of SAILAMRS sailboat. Bill of materials of SAILAMRS sailboat.



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